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Expert Talent Management Strategist  |  Speaker  |  Facilitator 

"If you're unhappy with your team, don't let them go. Instead- let them grow."

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A weekly podcast that aims to give an uncensored look into the journeys of Black women who have successfully navigated climbing the corporate ladder.

The goals of the podcast are two-fold.  First, expose listeners to Black women leaders who are working to ensure that the climb up the corporate ladder for the next generation of leaders is a smoother climb. These are the Black women moving the career needle for all of us.

​Second, and perhaps most important, is to give the next generation of Black female corporate leaders tangible and actionable resources that they can apply to their career journey up the corporate ladder.

What partners are saying

"Watchen takes the ambigutity out of feedback and gives you a direct approach to get the clarity and input you need to power positive growth. #WachtenWidsom" 

Lea Morrison
Global Marketing Director at Nike

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